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AeroClave can be used in multiple industries.

Great for:

  • Fire, EMS, and Police
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, food service facilities
  • Cruise ships, hotels, hospitality services
  • Schools, universities, educational facilities
  • Jails, prisons, correctional institutions
  • Government and public service offices

Safe, Effective & Long- Lasting

  • USEPA Reg. No 82972-1 in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • NSF rated (D-2) No Rinse Required on Food Contact Surfaces at full strength
  • Hypo allergenic - Allergen reducing formula
  • pH balanced at 8.5
  • Shelf stable - over one year shelf life
  • No special shipping or handling instruction
  • Odourless, with no offensive odour or taste
  • Non-corrosive safe on treated articles like carpeting, fabrics, natural stones, plastics
  • Non-irritating to skin. No glove required.

AeroClave uses Vital Oxide for complete and safe disinfection

  • Used in emergency response to eliminate Norovirus out-breaks.
  • Clinical trials have shown a decrease of 95% in Health-care Associated Infections (HAI’S) of Acinetobacter spp in hospital environment.
  • Used in disaster response to eliminate mold and mildew from flood damage.
  • University and government sponsored studies docu­ment long-term effectiveness on mold and mold spores, even eliminating mold spores.