EPA Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Vital Oxide is an EPA Registered Product super effective odour eliminator. Ready to use, with no mixing required, just spray or wipe right from the bottle. Vital Oxide eliminates a wide range of bad odours, form left over food odours in kitchen to cigarette smoke odours in the car. Vital Oxide gets rid of bad odours attacking the odours attacking the odour causing bacteria without damaging the surfaces or articles treated.

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Safely Remove bad Odours with vital Oxide


Application Methods

  • Vital Oxide must come in contact with the source of the malodour to eliminate it. Remove excess soil from area causing the malodour, then saturate the area with Vital Oxide and allow ventilation to air dry.
  • Vital Oxide can be used in areas where there is bad odour present, just use the fogger to apply Vital Oxide directly to the area causing the malodour after removing visible filth or dirt.
  • Spray on porous surfaces like concrete or wood. Dirt often hides in the ridges or dimples of a porous surface. Remove as much dirt as possible then apply Vital Oxide and allow to air dry.
  • Direct injection into carpet padding, cushions and bed padding.
  • Can be used with carpet extraction machines and steam cleaning machines.

How To Use Vital Oxide In Your Car?

  1. If you’ve ever eaten while driving you know that even if you’re careful you’re still going to get food particles spilled on the driver seat, the floor mat or even the ridges between the seats. If they are not picked up and cleaned in time, those food particles are going to sit there while the sun is beaming through the windshield heating up the inside of the vehicle and decomposing the crumbs thus creating bad odor. Vital Oxide eliminates bad odour on a molecular level getting rid of bad odours from the source, fighting the organisms that cause foul odours.
  2. We can control the odours from inside of our vehicles, but we can do very little to control outside odours. One thing we can do is to make sure that the air coming in from the air conditioner vents is clean, bacteria and mold free. Apply Vital Oxide to the air intakes of your vehicle to ensure a good disinfection of all the vents and ducts of air flow, allow time to air dry and you’ll feel a difference in the air quality inside the vehicle.
  3. Smoke odours including tobacco can be very hard to get rid of from the seats and mats of a car, aside from that, unpleasant odours have been recognized as a warning sign of potential risks to human health. Vital Oxide eliminates odours with its hypoallergenic formula and contains no fragrances. Vital Oxide can be used by the most sensitive allergy suffers.
  4. The trunk of a minivan is a spot designed for carrying all kinds of groceries, coolers, sporting equipment and toys which are not always in the cleanest conditions and can leave foul odors on the mats. Use Vital Oxide to control bad odors coming from meat juices dripping from grocery bags or simply a pair of soccer cleats that have been left in the trunk of the van for a little too long.
  5. For those parents with little ones riding on the back seat, you know that if your child is still drinking milk out of a bottle they are going to spill it. It’s inevitable. Once again, if milk gets spilled on the back seat, the cloth material of the seat will soak up the milk and keep it there until it gets cleaned. Temperature changes and the untreated area will make the milk go bad and start emitting a bad odour. This can be controled with a spray of Vital Oxide.

A list of odours and places that Vital Oxide has been proven to be effective on:

  • Tobacco smoke odors and smoke odors cause by fire damage
  • Musty mold and mildew odor, Urine, vomit and fecal matter odors (pet and people)
  • Beer and cooking odors, Septic, waste water treatment and lift station odor
  • Garbage and dumpster odors, Skunk odors, Diaper pails
  • Athletic gear (gloves, shoes, protective gear, helmets and pads)
  • Locker rooms, RV and cars, Marine odors (boats and yachts)
  • Property management and real state (old house smell)
  • Pest management (Dead rodents and other pest odors)
  • Animal feed lots and Dog Kennels.